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Verified Buyer
Nov 14, 2009
I really wanted a piece of software to properly label the songs I had ripped awhile ago. My first mp3 players did not read the meta tags so when I ripped them there was not much point to label the song more than a quick label on the folder the file was in. Now with itunes and the iphone having album art and proper meta tags makes a big difference. I tried tuneup, song genie, and song sergeant. Song sergeant from what I can tell does not do anything with identifying a song from acoustic fingerprint or acoustic id. tuneup and song genie look like good programs except they are ~$10 more per license. As far as licensing jaikoz goes it was a snap. Even when you include the fact that I had a paypal account but had never used it purchasing anything in the mix licensing the software was a simple and quick. Yeah for instant gratification. You don't need to license it as the software will do 20 corrections per launch so going beyond that requires only a restart of the software but for $25 or what ever it cost the software is well worth the price. Heck breakfast was more than this, this morning! Plus this includes all updates if I remember correctly so thats a plus I do not think the others included that. As far as features go this program has more than you probably know about, need, or want to use. It has automagic mode for those less picky about their audio collection and just want a proper label put on them with album art. To detailed mode where you can mess with the algorithms parameters used to choose the id3 tag. You can set it so that it chooses id3 tags which result in fewer separate albums. For instance if you have a song that was released on multiple albums like a hit album and the original album and also have other songs that are in a similar situation it can be set to tag the songs such that they are from the hit album so instead of 10 songs on 10 albums you have 10 songs on one album. It will even tell you what songs you are missing from the album. It does the duplicate search thing to althought I haven't messed with that. The software was simple to use. Just add files from your disk and then tell it to automatically scan and correct. However the ui is not what I expect on a mac. Not to say that its bad but a user who is used to mainstream software will find it slightly less usable until they use it and get used to it. I think you will like the choices made once you are use to it. The user manual: http://www.jthink.net/jaikoz/jsp/help/osx/frames.html is great except the author either has english as second language or used a software translator so there are some word order problems. As far as value, its cheaper than the competition I looked at, arguably has more features, and includes all updates. Plus free support by email. Enough said! Stability, has not crashed yet. My recommendation, buy it or at least review the manual before you buy something else.
Verified Buyer
Sep 04, 2009
Jaikoz is the best tag editor out there. I have tried many others including SongGenie/Coverscout, and Jaikoz is still the software that I find myself using the most. It has been 100% stable for me, even when i throw a few hundred songs at it. Those mentioning that SongGenie & Coverscout are better obviously don't need their software to do much. Sure these other programs have a nice interface (honestly, much nicer than Jaikoz) but their functionality is SO limited. Given the price tag (especially compared to the Equinux equivalents) Jaikoz is awesome. The only improvements I'd like to see, would be a more "fluid" interface for OSX users and better handling of song lyrics. Pulling lyrics from the web is awesome, but I don't feel I'm able to properly manipulate the lyrics field. Being able to create paragraphs and separate the chorus from the rest of the song is important to me. Also, it would be amazing if there were an option to automatically delete the web link that gets added to the beginning of the lyrics added to each track. Overall, Jaikoz is extremely feature rich and very stable. I'm very happy with my purchase.
Verified Buyer
Aug 19, 2009
Great app, except that on leopard 10,5.8 it seems that when i add or drop 30 files plus, MP3 files on the desktop icon, it ALWAYS CRASHES.. every single time.. then one problem bigger when I am editing about 20 files in one window and I do search and replace the name.. for example. Mike, with the name MIKEY.. it will replace most of the text but everytime i try it, it will always miss 1 -4 songs and leave them blank.. Would love for the dev. TO try to help me with this problem. have emailed them 2 times with no answer.. Hum bad support. i SURE HOPE NOT.. i would love for this app to work great.. ANYONE LOOKING FOR SOMETHING DIFFERENT.. try ..COVERSCOUT.. and IGENIE.. the best. but cost $$ And i already paid of this. but be sure to check them out. they are great.. as in perfect.. hope this helps someone.
Verified Buyer
Jul 20, 2009
This is a terrific program - and the price! Originally, I was looking to get tag info from the filenames of about 700 flac files. What I found was a program that had features that I hadn't even considered. I was able to make short work of tagging hundreds of files that had only the song title in the filename. I was able get the song titles into the tags, easily add artist, album title, artwork, download lyrics, identify songs with Musicbrainz - all on a batch of files. Editing includes copy, paste, search and replace, strip wide spaces, strip spaces, correct spelling, capitalization - just way too many things to list. I suggest that you download a trial copy for free that allows tagging up to 20 files in one session. I used it once and was convinced that it was a bargain at 15 British Pounds.
Verified Buyer
Jul 09, 2009
Overall a very good application.
Verified Buyer
Jun 12, 2009
Every feature you can think of. Supports mp3, wma, and others i think. Unparalleled support. free regular updates. This is the only program i use on my more than 80gb collection. its easy and quick.
Verified Buyer
Jan 25, 2009
good job on everything that I have thrown at it.
Verified Buyer
Jan 13, 2009
It works well at times but it is very slow app. it takes 30 secs or more to start and its not the most responsive app when running.
Verified Buyer
Dec 18, 2008
try it. then buy it.
Verified Buyer
Sep 22, 2008
I highly recommend it. A real timesaver. I even bought it!
Verified Buyer
Aug 26, 2008
best by far
Verified Buyer
Nov 30, 2007
This is an Amazing software. One of the few software I have actually paid for. I did look for alternatives but did not find anything that did both MusicBrainz and MusicIP both. I have using it extensively (100GB MP3 collection) since I bought the license via Papal and the product is extremely stable. If you do try to Acustic ID it does take longer but once that is done getting a hit on MusicBrainz database very high. Only issue is that it cannot handle some MP3pro encoded files. Keep up the good work and I highly recommend the software.
Verified Buyer
Oct 25, 2007
Best auto-tagger there is. Efficient and highly accurate.
Verified Buyer
May 18, 2007
simple & powerful MP3 tag editor
Verified Buyer
Apr 13, 2007
easy to use, and it works
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