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Jan 16, 2017
10 I am extremly supprise that i,m having very good opportunity and what its more important its I have very good " tutor" which i,m extremaly greatfull for the hard work, patient and support.
Jan 16, 2017
I think that the course is being going pretty well and that it helps to develop someone's own skills.
Jan 16, 2017
I am extremely happy with my course, the teachers are very supportive and helpful. The online platform is great as everything you need is there and it's easy to access all the documents, post your progress and contact your tutors.
Dec 04, 2016
Great so far! :-)
Nov 30, 2016
I chose this course as my son has aspergers and anxiety and was struggling with conventional education and I have found it fantastic. From the very beginning the college were welcoming, friendly and inclusive. The course material is very thorough and the teachers very supportive and engaging. He has been able to text via skype for feedback which is ideal for him and the advice has been very helpful. The teacher has made sure he has done each project thoroughly before moving onto the next and the supervision has been far more involved than I expected which is good. I would definitely recommend the course to anyone especially those who find mainstream education a challenge.
Nov 02, 2016
the best online school of allof them and the best teacher is mr jelfs
Oct 09, 2016
I've been thoroughly impressed with the course content but more importantly the tutor interaction, which is personal, swift and engaging.
Oct 07, 2016
OCAD offers students who are unable to study at a conventional college, the chance to achieve qualifications by studying from home. OCAD has changed the lives of thousands of students around the world.
Oct 07, 2016
I really didn't believe I could be where I am now (at university studying a BA hons in Graphic Design) just a year ago! It's all thanks to Anne and her team at OCAD. So glad I found you and I would definitely recommend OCAD to my friends.
Oct 07, 2016
OCAD is brilliant. The staff are understanding and caring. They are incredibly enthusiastic about art. The live lessons are great. My daughter comes away full of which ever artist or art subject they have studied that day. A must for any arty homeschooler.
Oct 06, 2016
Probably the best home school program, with fantastic specialist teachers. The costumer service is brilliant, resolving any issue promptly. My daughter is very happy, within one month her art skills have improved immensely. She loves all the subjects and teachers alike. She also likes the fact that all the others students are respectful, well mannered, fun and kind. We give the school 5 STARS
Aug 27, 2016
Throughout my 2 years of sixth form I found myself in a very sticky situation not being able to take on and partake in any art courses at my school which I needed in order to fulfill my dream of becoming a makeup artist, so I found OCAD! Their range of courses are fantastic and I decided to go with the Art Foundation Diploma which would help me the most into getting into university to study makeup artistry. The tutors are fantastic, patient and will help you in every way possible in order to assist you in getting the grades you need/want! I was given a lot of support through email and Skype calls as well as info and briefs on the website. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and much to my delight, I passed!!!! I got offers from 3 universities/art schools thanks to the work and portfolio OCAD helped me to create, and am off to do my degree in September! I truly couldn't have done this without OCAD, and I would recommend it to anybody wanting to study for fun or with intent to go onto bigger things!
Aug 18, 2016
I couldn't have asked for a better course or tutors at this point in my life.I am a mature student and have always loved art in school but was only average in drawing.I have only gotten through the Exploratory stage and have found it very enjoyable.I look forward to starting the next stage...and hopefully completing the Diploma successfully in the near future.I'm keeping my fingers crossed!Thanks OCAD!Everybody should think of studying with you if they have a wish to succeed.
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Response from Cambridge Online Education
Aug 18, 2016
Made our day, thanks for this Ivana Zeravica .Keep working and you will succeed for sure!
Jul 30, 2016
I have been studying with OCAD for sometime now, I did my IGCSE Art & Design with them and now I am doing a Foundation Diploma. I love studying with them at my own pace with the help and support of the tutors. They are all really nice and really supportive. This has been a great experience and is enabling me to gain qualifications for my future. From Bethany.
Jul 29, 2016
Here is a review from Nikita Russi. A Distinction Student Nikita will be attending the University of the Arts London starting next September. She will be studying Time Based Media OCAD helped me a great deal. After I finally comitted to my real passion, OCAD made it possible for me to follow the path to go to an art school. The teachers, well qualified, learned me and showed me how to make art by researching and focussing on the right subject. My tutor, Anne, took a lot of time with me by skyping and commenting to show me how to make a project and how to use my ideas and make art out of it. She really understood how my mind worked and helped me to transfer those ideas into real art pieces. I was able therefore to explore new paths and find new ways to express myself, videos in my case. As well, and i think this is very important, she helped me a lot to make a portfolio and how to apply to schools. I think OCAD made it possible for me to enter in an art school and I am very happy and grateful for it. I hope that people who try to find their way into arts will try it through the online course as well, they'll be surprised of the result can be by skyping and listening to tutors. I recommend it especially to people who are working independentely and/or are studying or working beside but want to do the foundation course. It is hard work but worth it completely.
Jul 29, 2016
OCAD has allowed me to independently study as a mature student around a busy working schedule. It's been the perfect setup for me, with quick, knowledgable and helpful responses to my work from tutors, allowing me to achieve a distinction in my foundation course and attend the university of my choice. Without this convenient and accessible online experience I would never have been able to start this new chapter. I highly recommend OCAD for a detailed, user-friendly and accommodating course for those wanting to study from home- Meg Drew
Jul 28, 2016
Before starting my Foundation in Art&Design - I hadn't been in education for approximately 4 years, I was doing a job that I liked but never loved and my passion was in the creative industries. Upon finding this opportunity, it really helped me to get back on my feet with it all again and explore my creative thinking - my tutors were always on hand to help me progress through each stage and believed in me to have the potential to complete work to the best off my ability. I am now aiming to go to Brighton University, (something I thought I would never say) to complete a BA (Hons) in Moving Image. Very chuffed!! I would definitely recommend anyone looking to do what they love and have the belief and passion that you can do it with OCAD whilst it being completely tailored to your convenience! GREAT SERVICE!! Thanks guys! :) x
Jul 28, 2016
Here is a review from our Star Student this year Declan Goodby
Since I left college, I've always known I'd go back and do something that I'd enjoy, when I realised what that was. I found this course for a Foundation diploma in Art and Design and since joining I've never regretted my decision.
Doing this course online was perfect for me as I had a full time job that took a good 40-50 hours a week and I was still able to do the work and get incredible feedback to make the work a little bit better each time. Since doing this course I feel that my knowledge and understanding of art and design has improved massively, I have produced and shown several portfolios of work to universities, and even obtained an UNCONDITIONAL OFFER from my chosen uni because of the help and guidance from this course, overall I'm extremely satisfied and enjoyed my time with OCAD even through the hard parts. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone wanting to further there education in art and design as if does include every aspect from the start. All the best Declan Goodby
Jul 19, 2016
I'm not going to write about the course because I'll know how well it and I got on in the upcoming weeks.
However the support that I received was all I could have hoped for. Honestly since the beginning of my education I've had an incredibly love-hate relationship with all my previous art teachers. However maybe it's because these tutors trusted me to challenge myself or simply believed that enforcing their artistic views down your throat doesn't amount to any good, in fact for me that teaching method has only fostered anger. These tutors are open minded and more than willing to encourage you to follow a path they themselves did not, without belittling or antagonizing you. I was allowed to grow naturally, the occasional prod to get me moving in the right direction but hey, that's what tutors are for.
Praise is best received from the people you respect, so thank you. For everything.
Jul 14, 2016
The course is very professional, And it makes every student develop his or her skills step by step, makes us experiment with different materials and medium, and also teaches perfection in whatever we do. Very Satisfied !
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