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Michael Reisman

Verified Buyer

Sep 04, 2021

Received the software and activation code promptly. Works ok so far. Still not sure if I received a fully licensed, full retail version that won't give me activation issues or cost me more money in the future, but I hope so. The reviews seemed ok, so I took a chance. Time will tell. They told me if it ever went bad to call in and they would give me a new code, so that concerns me that I maybe don't have the real authentic thing, but I am chancing it in an effort to save money, yet remain compliant and legitimate. I wish they would reassure me with direct answers about this issue.

Leigh Proctor

Verified Buyer

Aug 17, 2021

Easy and affordable. Have used this company several times fir MS Offcie and OS license codes.

Paul Chris

Verified Buyer

Aug 17, 2021

Great products, great price all delivered in a timely manner!

Herminio Cardona

Verified Buyer

Aug 12, 2021

I work a lot with virtual machines. MS Office Works is the best source of Windows Software for my VMs.

Rien Groenewoud

Verified Buyer

Aug 10, 2021

Great experience, quick and cheap.

Marwan Kaid

Verified Buyer

Aug 09, 2021

fast and reliable

Tommaso Bilotta

Verified Buyer

Jul 31, 2021

Excellent service never an issue

Timothy Boden

Verified Buyer

Jul 26, 2021

I've enjoyed MS Office Works for some time now. The Web page is a little confusing, though. Even as an experienced user, I find myself trying to navigate the purchase process. Grateful for the pricing, however!

Derrick Winke

Verified Buyer

Jul 21, 2021

long time customer, as always install worked

Israel Vela

Verified Buyer

Jul 16, 2021

Nice selection of software applications. Easy checkout. Fast delivery. Reliable licensing.

Raven VanBaalen

Verified Buyer

Jul 11, 2021


Steven Mounce

Verified Buyer

Jul 08, 2021

Easy to order. Great service.

Ana Soriano

Verified Buyer

Jun 27, 2021

Worked very well the first time around. No hassle, super easy set up and get the software to work. I would recommend MS Office Works.

Lori Dorocak

Verified Buyer

Jun 27, 2021

I will not be recommending or purchasing any additional products or services through MS Office Works

Mohit Dutta

Verified Buyer

May 29, 2021

Product does not work. Keeps asking for activation and payment information

Preston Prevatte

Verified Buyer

May 20, 2021

Everything was great thanks

Christopher Burrow

Verified Buyer

Apr 29, 2021

Easy and economical transaction. Especially if you hate eels.

Stephen Balogh

Verified Buyer

Apr 24, 2021

Ms office works is my go to .

Chen Wong

Verified Buyer

Apr 11, 2021

This is my third purchase. Excellent service. Simple instructions. Instant receipt of product key and it works. Thanks.


Verified Buyer

Mar 17, 2021

Excellent service delivery, item is recieved immediately by email and response service to inquiries is fast. I was skeptical the first time I purchased but have been back over and over to source my products from MS OFFICE WORKS. AAA++++