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Jamael Graves

Verified Buyer

Apr 19, 2018

I had great customer service, the representative is always willing to help, I love the way that if I make a suggestion, about what my company needs she does not hesitate to find a solution! Thank you!!! App is also getting better, now if we can only work on the international processing fee we receive.

Nurul Islam

Verified Buyer

Apr 13, 2018

Powerful system, best customer service team Always here to help Thanks guys

Mihai Urdarea

Verified Buyer

Mar 31, 2018

Very easy to use

Alex Elbourne

Verified Buyer

Mar 10, 2018

Fantastic service highly professional and I recommend to everyone


Verified Buyer

Jan 03, 2018

Brilliant system and the staff are there to help with anything and everything

Matthew Hadley

Verified Buyer

Dec 30, 2017

Been using Gazoop for a few months now (came over from a crappy service called Taxihub), and WOW what a difference, support has been brilliant (when needed) and the dispatch side is reliable and fast. The drivers app is good and responsive Over all im very happy with the service... p.s is that good enough to get a mystery prize? ;)

Cameron Barden

Verified Buyer

Dec 26, 2017

Fantastic customer service.

Brett Pennells

Verified Buyer

Dec 26, 2017

Brilliant and great customer service

Andrew Bunn

Verified Buyer

Dec 21, 2017

Every time I use the gazoop dispatch software I find something else I really like. As a small business/partnership I can give everyone their set bookings for the day, I can invoice clients with easy and much more. Just as good as the big software providers like cordic and cab treasure but a fraction of the price.

Angelos Sfakianakis

Verified Buyer

Nov 22, 2017

Currently i am in a evaluation period. But at the moment i m very glad for the deep of functions and the quick support from Sarah! Angelos

kevin FISHER

Verified Buyer

Nov 16, 2017

A very good and affordable system

Kwamena Essandoh

Verified Buyer

Oct 30, 2017



Verified Buyer

Oct 01, 2017

Best customer service..even better software

erika Tucker

Verified Buyer

Sep 14, 2017

This system is a life safer

Shawn Fischer - Willis Sedan Service

Verified Buyer

Sep 11, 2017

Jessica is top notch, and is a huge asset to your corporation. Day, night, weekends...she has always been there to answer our questions and resolve any issues that we've had. We tested Gazoop for about 8 months and we have been very pleased with the platform, and now hope to be partners with you for a very long time! Thanks again, Shawn Fischer Owner - Willis Sedan Service & Sterling Sedans LLC

Paulo Marcelo M Reis

Verified Buyer

Sep 10, 2017

Boa plataforma, bom atendimento e rapidez na solução de problemas.

Robert Elder

Verified Buyer

Sep 04, 2017


Don Butterfield

Verified Buyer

Aug 24, 2017

WOW!!!! Jessica has been just awesome. She has helped me see the really big picture and how I can reach my goals. With Gazoop as my operating platform, I will be able to unite with other drivers and together be able to service my area more effectively and efficiently than Uber or Lyft. Us drivers will be able to keep more of our money and build a sustainable network. Thanks to Gazoop for building a platform that will help change the ground transportation industry. Good Luck Gazoop! and keep on Truck'en

Brett Pennells

Verified Buyer

Aug 23, 2017

Excellent for a small taxi company like mine. Great customer service.

Tasha Camp

Verified Buyer

Aug 08, 2017

Easy to use system and excellent customer service!! Jessica worked very hard to make sure everything I needed was taken care of. Response time was impeccable, and the service is top notch. I can't say enough good things about them. They have a customer for life!