Michael Reisman

Sep 04, 2021

Received the software and activation code promptly. Works ok so far. Still not sure if I received a fully licensed, full retail version that won't give me activation issues or cost me more money in the future, but I hope so. The reviews seemed ok, so I took a chance. Time will tell. They told me if it ever went bad to call in and they would give me a new code, so that concerns me that I maybe don't have the real authentic thing, but I am chancing it in an effort to save money, yet remain compliant and legitimate. I wish they would reassure me with direct answers about this issue.

Rien Groenewoud

Aug 10, 2021

Great experience, quick and cheap.

Derrick Winke

Jul 21, 2021

long time customer, as always install worked

Ana Soriano

Jun 27, 2021

Worked very well the first time around. No hassle, super easy set up and get the software to work. I would recommend MS Office Works.

Chen Wong

Apr 11, 2021

This is my third purchase. Excellent service. Simple instructions. Instant receipt of product key and it works. Thanks.

Edward Montoro

Feb 06, 2021

Really a great company. I love their products, prices and ease of use of their website.

pierre Drole

Dec 28, 2020

fast and pricing perfect

Mary Grace Mustrada

Nov 21, 2020

Easy to install. Great experience purchasing here, though hesitant at first. Online support agent was quick to respond and was very helpful.

Robert Roark

Sep 13, 2020

it took 3 days to get the product key, but once it was received, the installation went very smooth.

Scott Hamblion

Sep 01, 2020

Easy site to navigate Great prices

Ken Oikawa

Jul 23, 2020

Everything was great. Purchasing, downloading and installing software. Ken

Amarjit Singh

Jun 16, 2020

Great. Value for money!

C Jon Johnson

May 31, 2020

Simple Shopping - Immediate fulfillment - Attractive pricing.

Melissa Hantz

May 01, 2020

Office works as it should for both mac and pc. Easy to install and use. Awesome response on tech when the mac install was a little tricky. Once I figured out what I was doing wrong went smoothly and working great. Thank you!

Roger Askin

Apr 29, 2020

A straightforward purchase thanks

Hoi Fung

Apr 20, 2020

Quick download and good price

sonja dakdduk

Mar 29, 2020

Price was great and product is great!

Radu Tecuceanu

Mar 11, 2020

Great service, great prices.

Amos Robinson

Feb 25, 2020

Excellent service

Charles N McDowell

Feb 09, 2020

Worked as advertised! And got a discount to boot! This is my second purchase with MS Office Works and both computers are happy. What a great deal.

Daniel Parkhurst

Jan 27, 2020

Product works as described. No issues. Easy!

Eric Stills

Jan 17, 2020

Good product

Robert Stuart

Jan 09, 2020

Great price for products and fast support.

Andrei Baitchik

Dec 22, 2019

I purchased Windows 10 Professional. The upgrade from the Home edition went smoothly, and I am very satisfied with product value for money.

Ty Bello

Dec 13, 2019

A little bit of confusion when I bought my product and was sent a file to download to a CD. Don'e have a CD on my laptop. Resolved, but it took some time

Leigh Proctor

Aug 17, 2021

Easy and affordable. Have used this company several times fir MS Offcie and OS license codes.

Marwan Kaid

Aug 09, 2021

fast and reliable

Israel Vela

Jul 16, 2021

Nice selection of software applications. Easy checkout. Fast delivery. Reliable licensing.

Preston Prevatte

May 20, 2021

Everything was great thanks


Mar 17, 2021

Excellent service delivery, item is recieved immediately by email and response service to inquiries is fast. I was skeptical the first time I purchased but have been back over and over to source my products from MS OFFICE WORKS. AAA++++

Rebecca Santos

Feb 02, 2021

good service so far

Anthony Margaritondo

Dec 11, 2020

Easy transaction and worked as expected.

Lorenzo Hernandez

Nov 14, 2020

Excellent customer support. They understood and solved my problem in a few minutes. Now I can download the application without any problem and the serial number to register the product was original. It was registered without any problem. I am very satisfied with the purchase of Microsoft Windows 10 Professional.

Nicholas Sneed

Sep 12, 2020

Easy ordering. Instant delivery. Painless process. Will be back when I need more software.

Wade Sorensen

Aug 16, 2020

This is my 2nd purchase. There was an issue as my OS would not run what I ordered but they exchanged it for a version I needed. They didn’t have to do that as it was my error, so I was impressed. The communication was great.

Madona Angelyn Garrido

Jul 22, 2020

product working perfectly and very convenient as i received the code immediately and instructions on how to install :)

Fernando Galvez

Jun 13, 2020

Couldn’t have been easier to install and set up. The actual Office download is what took the longest.

Bob Hughes

May 17, 2020

All smooth and timely thanks

Kylie Ford

May 01, 2020


Vladimir Levin

Apr 24, 2020

Quick delivery.


Apr 19, 2020

Very fast process getting Windows License, website is easy to use and user friendly

Derek Dunham

Mar 29, 2020

Great support! Everything works great!

Kristy Richerson

Mar 05, 2020

Excellent product

Joel Engebretson

Feb 23, 2020

Key's work, low prices and downloads don't expire readily. Prompt service, great selection and SP1.

James Liu

Feb 06, 2020

the products works great, wasn't sure if would be great price on MS Office 2016. Had some issue with the download but got great customer service help.

Felicity Hill

Jan 27, 2020

Excellent, seamless experience installing MS Office. Many thanks!

Karl Althaus

Jan 15, 2020

The purchase of Office for Mac was fast and successful.

Dwight Gibson

Jan 07, 2020

Helpful overall, but took help from my computer person for me to install.

Jonathon Kost

Dec 20, 2019

Quick and easy purchase and no issues downloading and installing

David Goldman

Dec 12, 2019

Great support and took care of us

Paul Chris

Aug 17, 2021

Great products, great price all delivered in a timely manner!

Tommaso Bilotta

Jul 31, 2021

Excellent service never an issue

Raven VanBaalen

Jul 11, 2021


Christopher Burrow

Apr 29, 2021

Easy and economical transaction. Especially if you hate eels.

Vincent Mokaya

Feb 23, 2021

The process was smooth with a straight forward transaction through the website. I received the download link instantly to my email and it was just click, download, install and the app was ready for use. So far so good.


Jan 04, 2021

Great doscount and easy download.

Lamont Baker

Dec 03, 2020

Have ordered from this company before with great success. Placed a recent order and everything went very well. Will order from the company in the future.

Daniel Shafer

Oct 12, 2020

Excellent and cordial response to my inquiry which clarified the information that I needed.

Nigel Allen

Sep 09, 2020

Best value I have ever found and everything just works. Any small issues have been dealt with quickly and without fuss. Always a return customer.

Steve Marino

Aug 08, 2020


William Sabasaje

Jun 21, 2020

The software is good. Has no problem. I have an issue with my office 2016 full version. I bought this office on February-17-2019. When I try to activate on my HP laptop dv7 can't activate. This the product key> FHNDM-BB7BC-2Q2Y8-PBJ7H-XD8DP. If possible can you help me to fix this issue? Please, can you verify why it is not working? Please me again the active product and installer, please.

Kathleen Jackson

Jun 11, 2020

When I had trouble installing and getting my product to work they went above and beyond what was necessary to help me.

Justin Williams

May 15, 2020

Professional service, great price and support.

Tobias Bernier

Apr 30, 2020

So easy to purchase and use!

Derek Dumas

Apr 24, 2020

Product works perfectly. Support was great, very to the point with correct information. No complaints.

Malcolm Holmes

Apr 13, 2020

Good price, great product and service. I have recommended to a friend and installed that win10. So, I've purchased 2 win10 pro, 1 win10 home, 2 MS Office Pro. Yep, I like'em..

Kurt Bocksenbaum

Mar 25, 2020

The transaction was a bit hard to understand. I was expecting an email, but never got it until the next day. However I just signed into the exiting installation on one of my laptops and entered the new credentials that were on the confirmation screen on MS Office Works site. The activation went as promised.

Laura M Fepuleai

Mar 05, 2020

The speed of delivery and the after sale support was awesome with all the purchases we've made.

Elliot Silber

Feb 15, 2020

Great pricing, thorough instructions, complete and attentive customer service. Thank you.

Richard Piotrowski

Jan 31, 2020

Always fast service. Only had one issue with them that was quickly rectified.

Nancy Sorci

Jan 25, 2020

Easy, quick and smooth transaction at a good price.

Tim Lauterbach

Jan 14, 2020

Price is right. Easy purchasing process. Instant delivery. Product works as designed. Who could ask for anything more?

Richard Duigou

Jan 07, 2020

So far so good

Russell Cooke

Dec 19, 2019

Easy ordering of Office 2019 at a very reasonable year end sale price. I ordered 4 licenses.

John Lefebvre

Dec 09, 2019

Easy peasy and was simple to do. 88 bucks for a lifetime version of office with all the bells and whistles? How could you go wrong.

Herminio Cardona

Aug 12, 2021

I work a lot with virtual machines. MS Office Works is the best source of Windows Software for my VMs.

Timothy Boden

Jul 26, 2021

I've enjoyed MS Office Works for some time now. The Web page is a little confusing, though. Even as an experienced user, I find myself trying to navigate the purchase process. Grateful for the pricing, however!

Steven Mounce

Jul 08, 2021

Easy to order. Great service.

Stephen Balogh

Apr 24, 2021

Ms office works is my go to .

Jeff Warner

Feb 11, 2021

Just clicked on the download link, put in the key and i was up and running.

Ian Hilliard

Jan 03, 2021

It works as expected.

Asif Mohammed

Nov 23, 2020

Great deal for a life long office experience.

Brion Cook

Sep 30, 2020

Price and product was as advised. Quick and easy.

Amit Gandhi

Sep 04, 2020

Excellent and easy to use! Great service. Thanks!

Ken Denham

Jul 28, 2020

I have downloaded many major software packages from this vendor at amazing discounts from publish retail pricing over the past three years. Their support system has been responsive and competent. Highly recommended for anyone purchasing the type of software available from MS Office Works.

todd pedace

Jun 18, 2020

Great transaction

John Yaraee

Jun 09, 2020

Works as advertised, no issues.

Thomas Duong

May 14, 2020

Good products and good customer service!

Vadzim Slesarenka

Apr 30, 2020

Quick download and good service .Best price. Thank you.

Gary Liebisch

Apr 24, 2020

Transaction went smoothly and there were no issues obtaining the software and license key. Very good price, too!

Peter Henry

Mar 29, 2020

Fast & cheap

Waheedullah Mohammed

Mar 18, 2020

I bought 2016 MS server before worked great No issues 👍

Dan Gibbs

Mar 05, 2020

Purchased office 365 today and saved considerably, the purchase was super easy and everything came through as promised. Good job guys keep up the great work.

Mark Stettler

Feb 13, 2020

I was a bit nervous buying a five license copy of MS Office 2916 Pro Plus from MS Office Works, because the cost was so low. The first key they sent was off, because it got incorrectly generated (first set of the key was only four characters, rather than five), which spooked me! However, when I notified them of the issue they were quick to give me a new key that worked fine. I will definitely order from here again.

Nicolas Lines

Jan 29, 2020

Easy and Inexpensive


Jan 19, 2020

Really great product and service at very cheap price!!!

Margreth spruill

Jan 13, 2020

Great services

Barry Dunlap

Dec 29, 2019

Using the web site was easy. They had the software I was looking for and the price was good. Ordering went smoothly and the license key was emailed within minutes. I would buy here again.

Art May

Dec 17, 2019

Download and install was completed without a hitch

kamal Bhattarai

Dec 03, 2019