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Turn Fans into Customers

Our integration with Facebook allows you to display your latest reviews directly on a new tab within your Facebook Page. This helps to dramatically show fans you mean business when it comes to online reputation and customer service. Fans can view your reviews and click to visit your site directly.
"Our Facebook page is a massive nexus for our business... being able to show reviews directly integrated into the Facebook app is fantastic"

Engage with customers publicly and let them know you care

Respond to customer reviews directly on your profile page. Answering reviews is one of the best ways to reach out to your customers and show your good customer service in action. Whether you’re just responding with a quick “Thanks for shopping with us” or answering a question or dealing with a problem, it says a great deal about who you are as a company and will help to increase customer loyalty.
"It's great to be able to see feedback from our customers, made possible by Ryan and team at TrustSpot.io who made it easy"

Share your reviews on Facebook & Twitter

With TrustSpot all it takes is one-click to instantly share your happy customer reviews on your Facebook & Twitter page, allowing your fans to see how others love your brand.
“In our opinion, TrustSpot is the more up-to-date and modern review system out there, and offer a much better value for your money. The platform is great and their customer service has proved to be top notch so far. Highly recommended!”

Thank your customers and build loyalty

With TrustSpot you not only have an easy way to collect, engage and share your customer feedback, you also have a way to say thank you to your reviewers for leaving a review on your site. When you follow up with a customer after leaving a review, it’s an extra step towards keeping them as a life-long customer and increasing your sales overtime. Our system can automatically email your customers after they leave a review and thank them for taking the time to post their feedback. You can even include a coupon in the email to help the customer with their next purchase – a great way to increase new revenue.
“TrustSpot has helped us reach many new clients thanks to the verified reviews page we plugged in on our website. Not only did we gain more clients, but it has made us realize we make a positive impact on everybody we have done work for thus far. TrustSpot's customer service is top-notch and I have referred many other Shopify users because of my experience with them!”
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