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Create and Share Coupons

  • Whenever a customer leaves a new review on your TrustSpot store page, you have the opportunity to display a coupon to them as a personal thank you for shopping with your brand.
  • Coupons can also be shared in a personal thank you email sent to customers after leaving a review – further showing your great customer service in action, and giving your store more opportunity to grow sales.
"We've seen a sharp increase in repeat business by offering coupons to our customers after leaving a review. It takes literally seconds to setup and provides great ROI benefit to our company"

Visual Marketing

Allow customers to upload photos alongside their reviews. Sync the photos to your Facebook page to engage your customers visually. Photos appear directly on your profile page, inside product widgets, and even inside Trust Blocks.
“TrustSpot has been a great platform for our customers to speak their mind. In addition to informing our potential customers about other people’s experiences with UMAi Dry®, it gives us an objective feedback about what we do well and what we need to improve.”

Featured Product Upsells

Repeat customers contain incredible value. They statistically spend more and are more likely to recommend your brand to others. Harness this fact by displaying featured product upsells in your TrustSpot emails. The products can appear in review requests, thank you emails, and Q&A email notifications.
“We switched to Trustspot from Yotpo as they are a lot better value for money and the customer service is lightning fast. Highly recommended. ”

Incentivize customers with special Giveaways

Every month TrustSpot automatically selects 5 random reviewers and rewards them with a special prize, such as an Apple iPad, Amazon Gift Card or other fun items as a big thank you for leaving their feedback. You can easily offer this to your customers as a special way of saying thanks for sharing their valuable insights into their shopping experience with your brand. Want to promote a special item or gift card to your store only? We’ll happily work with you to create a customized giveaway catered to your brand, which will further grow your customer loyalty base.
“Without any exaggeration… TrustSpot has the best customer support I’ve ever seen.”

Discover your best customers with Insightful Analytics

We capture all of the important data surrounding your review collection, engagement, sharing and more so you can see how everything is performing. Find out who’s opening your emails, who’s leaving a review. Best of all, you can export all of your data to utilize in your marketing efforts. Get a complete understanding of your customers and brand loyalty with one-click.
"TrustSpot has helped us gather independent feedback on our services which has in turn built up trust in our brand and increased sales."
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