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    “TrustSpot provided us with a powerful suite of Visual Marketing and Coupon Incentive tools that helped us collect regular payment proofs from our users. We described our use case and they invested in upgrades to their existing coupon system, to reward our users for attaching images to their reviews and then sharing them on social media.

    We received a 5-star rating in Google search, due to TrustSpot's embedded structured data and microdata - increasing traffic to their landing pages by as much as 35%.

    We observed an increase in our conversion rate of over 44%. By implementing TrustSpot, not only did we increase our profitability, but we also reduced our costs, with the number of customer support tickets related to trust issues falling by an incredible 71%.

    TrustSpot is now the bedrock of our business, providing us with a daily stream of independently certified reviews and payment proof. It's a great feeling, to finally win the trust and loyalty of our users."

    - Mark, PointsPrizes
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    “After establishing a contact with TrustSpot, we were looking to give our site a boost over the festive period. We have all been absolutely delighted with not just how TrustSpot has performed and integrated with our Woo platform but also, how all of the team are so prompt to action any queries too. They've also got a an active roadmap and pro-actively inform their clients with any minor updates when they have them. 10/10 guys."

    - Richard, Bargain Games UK
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    "TrustSpot is an excellent review management platform that has provided us with unbeatable customer service, highly-competitive pricing, and extensive functionality that has improved our online reputation ten-fold. I’d strongly recommend TrustSpot to any business interested in improving their marketing efforts and driving brand loyalty."

    - Robert, Respected Resumes
    respected resumes
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    “I can't tell you how happy we are with our decision to have TrustSpot as our business review management provider. We tried a few of the other services in the market and found that many of them aren't quite production ready. I was amazed that the features with TrustSpot were totally on par and better than the big, over-priced names in this space.

    We find it exciting that you continue creating methods to engage with our prospects that we never imagined until you send us an email about a new feature that is all ready to go! Sometimes we need help... and there is always a customer service rep available when we need one for a quick chat to help get us up and running quickly. Interfacing with you and the service couldn't be easier.”

    - Every USB
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    "TrustSpot has been a great platform for our customers to speak their mind. In addition to informing our potential customers about other people’s experiences with UMAi Dry®, it gives us an objective feedback about what we do well and what we need to improve."

    - Igor, Umai Dry
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    "TrustSpot is invaluable to Now Novel as it has made it easy to request reviews and re-purpose customer success stories that ease new members' fears and concerns"

    - Brendan, Now Novel
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    "Trustspot is the friendly 'review' company...It's great doing business with them because they are like a family company and you feel like a 'proper' client not just a statistic. They provide both company reviews and product reviews to help companies; receive search recognition, increase conversions, drive more traffic and improve customer retention. Their programmes are tiered and reasonably priced - catering for all sizes of companies. They're the only company in the market - that we could find, that offer a scale able solution for a seasonal company. We boost our subscription during our busiest 5 months and then reduce it down, as our business reduces. Trustspot are now a long term partner and we'd recommend them to any small company looking to implement a review process."

    - Carl, Ice Gripper
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    “Without any exaggeration… TrustSpot has the best customer support I’ve ever seen.”

    - Ivor, EyeGees
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    "My experience with Trustspot has been second to none! Every engagement with their team has been exceptional. They are helpful and quick to respond. Their solution is also easy to use and fully featured, even on the free version. I can't fault Trustspot at all and I can see how their solution will help me to grow my business."

    - Matt, LS 25 Web Design
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    “I’ve tried many different trust seals, but all of them are over-priced compared to what TrustSpot is offering. Not only that, Ryan and his team are excellent at responding to whatever question I throw at them. I highly recommend giving TrustSpot a spin before going with one of the others.”

    - Mark, Funky Moose Records
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    "The ways in which TrustSpot has helped our company are manifold: Firstly, it has increased our trust potential among current and future customers. Secondly, it has given us the opportunity to receive up-to-date Feedback, which is important for the continuous improvement of our company. And lastly, customers rather provide a feedback when asked by a third party, and studies show that they find feedback on these external portals there more trustworthy than on the company's website"

    - Linda, Volunteer World
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    “TrustSpot has helped us reach many new clients thanks to the verified reviews page we plugged in on our website. Not only did we gain more clients, but it has made us realize we make a positive impact on everybody we have done work for thus far. TrustSpot's customer service is top-notch and I have referred many other Shopify users because of my experience with them!”

    - Ryan, Vinyl Decal Shop
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    "The system is automatic. You install it then it automatically collects reviews from your customers. My on-site tab and badge automatically refresh with new reviews so it's maintenance free. There's no better way to instantly show potential customers that you provide a great service."

    - Olivia, Crafter Crate
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    "It's great to be able to see feedback from our customers, made possible by Ryan and team at TrustSpot.io who made it easy"

    - Mitch, Comm Coinage
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    “Here at Select Chauffeurs, we’ve been serving our customers as a family run local business since 2003. Our motto is “First Class Service Comes As Standard”. Our testimonials are scattered across Google, Facebook, various directories, 3rd party booking sites and even on gift cards and handwritten letters! TrustSpot offered us the chance to centralise that feedback with a system which our customers would find incredibly easy to use. Before discovering TrustSpot, customers were put off from leaving online reviews as it was just too time consuming or required them to create an account before doing so. With TrustSpot, customers simply receive an email from which they can directly post their feedback – all without opening a web browser! Select Chauffeurs chose TrustSpot to help potential customers relate the truth of a chauffeur company who are 100% genuine, and who are repeatedly trusted by existing customers to deliver excellence.We too are launching a new website within the next week !"

    - Select Chauffeurs
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    "Switching to TrustSpot looks like being one of the best decisions we've made. Their Customer Service is first class and combined with the reputation and integrity of their review systems, our future customers can be assured submitted reviews are both reliable and genuine. In our business that sort of integrity is vital to our success and maintaining our hard earned reputation."

    - Roy, All Year Biker

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